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Is your dog out of control? Do you help with your unruly canine?

 I specialize in offering positive, behavioral solutions to help your dog  learn to listen to you and be well-behaved. I also have a Master’s degree in Behavioral Science and have been working in the field of psychology for over 25 years. 

I have a variety of dog training services to help your dog become a good canine companion.  


Have a new puppy?  Start your puppy off right from the beginning before problem behaviors become habits!  

NEW Puppy class starts Tuesday, May 6th   

NEW Basic class starts on Thursday, May 8th  
Both at 6:30 PM


CGC Class!
Starts Tuesday, May 6th at 7:30 PM

Call or email for more information or to sign up

All classes held at the Kandoo Building,
4976 Old Versailles Road next to the Carpet Barn

Are classes not convenient for you?  Does your dog lunge and bark at others or is too excitable for a group setting?

Private lessons offered, particularly 
with regards   
to problem solving, behavioral issues,
and coping with reactive dogs.

Unable to train your dog yourself? I also offer day training where I come to you and train your dog,
 then review the lesson with you.

 Boarding with training offered on occasion.
Contact me for details.

Class prices vary depending on the number of weeks they are held.  Private lessons are $65 per session or buy a package at a reduced rate.

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 Should you play tug with your dog? 

   Sure, if you're an adult and 
   you control the game.  Most dogs love to play.
   Play and training can give shy dogs confidence.  
   For very active, rambunctious dogs, play can be a way
  for you to put that energy under your control, and 
  develop an "off" switch to teach them to calm down.
  Play is also a fun way to learn!

New baby on the way?  Concerned how your dog will respond to the changes?
I am a licensed presenter for  Dogs & Storks

Dogs and kids have a lot in common. Both respond to consistency, clear limits, and feel more secure if they know what is expected of them. However, dogs are NOT children or people in fur coats so we have more leeway  

to change the environment and the consequences
 to get the behavior that we want. 

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